April 18, 2016

We need to remove our exsisting peel and stick tiles, along with the adhesive, and lay new peel and stick tile

we used paint thinner to remove the old tile, and now it’s bringing up the new tile we just layed down



you might have to lay down a sub-floor like 1/4 inch luan board or a backing they use for ceramic tile like hardi plank


The problem is the thinner you used is probably oil based, and nothing will stick to oil. You need to clean the surface with a alcohol based product, read the label, there are cleaners that are not harsh to use and will remove all dirt, oil ,grease residue. make sure the subfloor is sound and flat, or patching or new underlayment may be nessary. In any event peel and stick tiles are not a permanant installation. Any moisture and traffic will start them to come up. Get extra and plan on replacing them from time to time. untill you can afford a more permanant flooring like real tile.


I agree with the other suggestions of applying a thin overlayment. Another idea is using a product (by many names and brands), that is a plastic cement-like, or latex self leveling spread that you trowel on. It is fairly cheap easy and fast. Keep it smooth, let it dry completely and your new tiles should stick just fine. Next time try using a hair dryer or propane torch (with care) to heat the tiles and peel/ scrape off with a stiff spackle/putty knife or similar tool. good luck

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