August 25, 2017

How To Create Your Very Own Family Bath

One of the most commonly-shared spaces in your house would be the family bath. This space, therefore, should be functional to all members of the family. Ideally, it should also have the ambiance reflective of a real family bath.

Consider kids and teenagers or young adults when you pick out a theme. Most of your family members may be more interested in one particular theme over others.

A look at cultural themes is a good way to start. This theme is more general and so is easier to start with if you are new to arranging your very own family bath. Probably the most common cultural theme is the Oriental theme. Citrus baths are popular in Asian culture. Citrus fruits such as lemons, oranges and limes are known to soothe and treat minor illnesses such as colds and flu. Interestingly, these fruits are also used in baths for the same purpose. Not only do they have healing properties, they also have the ability to rejuvenate the senses. Imagine the aroma of fresh oranges floating around you. It is refreshing and the fruits naturally cleanse both the body and mind.

How to make a citrus bath:

You can create a citrus bath in many ways. Purchase those small tangerines from your local supermarket. Wash each of them and let them float in your tub. This creates a playful mood for your family bath. You can buy other citrus fruits and beat them into a pulp and use as an “effervescent.” Just for fun, you can cut the peels up into shapes of stars, hearts, petals or simple oblongs.

If you have a young family, you can create a milk bath theme. The milk bath is popular between everyone because of its positive effect on the skin. Cleopatra made the milk bath famous! The girls will absolutely love the milk’s smoothening effect. The texture of milk is soothing to the skin and makes it amazingly soft after the family bath. The kids will also surely enjoy a family bath that is interestingly made out of their usual drink!

How to make a milk bath:

You can use ready-made milk bath powder sold in most department stores to start your milk bath theme. These milk bath powders are usually a combination of powdered milk and effervescent salts. Or, you can use 3 to 4 cups of regular milk. You may then add some honey for fragrance or oats. Food coloring and milk creates pastel colors!

Don’t be limited by any rule when creating your family bath. After all, a family bath should be carefree and fun. Think of jungle themes, where you can place herbs, seaweed, botanical leaves and “mud” scrubs and facials. Don’t end there! You are sure to find ideas everywhere.

Candles, plants, blowing bubbles, bath toys, or even music are also some of the finishing touches you can add. Celebrate birthdays, share ideas, or simply talk about past memories and happenings during the day in your very own family bath.

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