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New Lawn Help ! :) ?

Hi, I recently moved into a new house. The backyard lawn is small, but it is completely trashed. It was terrible when we moved in. We took out all the patches of grass and weed and put Round Up over it. Its been two weeks after, and yet it is still growing. So today I…

How is a Temper-pedic bed…!?

How much did you pay for yours? I want a queen sized one but a mattress not like the top cover part i want a thick soft matress where can i get a decent priced one I am willing to spend $1000 Max and is there another mattress close to the Temper Pedic bed if…

can I use clr to clean my walls in my room?

I want to put clr and mix it with water and give my walls a fast wipe my room smells like cigars so i want to try and get the smell out i’m just wondering if i could use clr or would that eat away on the paint

my back garden is bumpy and has a hill?

thereis a sloping downwards fence on the left can it be levelled? how much will it cost to do, it is approx 70ft long and 25 ft wide?

Does anyone know how to find out the age of my house in Nova Scotia, Canada?

Does anyone know how to find out the age of my house in Nova Scotia, Canada?

How do you get expensive suntan lotion out of white swim shorts?

Have tried tide marker, tide liquid, shout,nothing is working!

How to wire a jacuzzi?

I’m totally renovating the bathroom, and would like to add a jacuzzi tub, instead of a regular tub. Can I just add the electrical wire to an existing wire, or do I have to add it’s own wire to the breaker panel?

Need your help with kitchen redecorating! :)?

I have an older, character home. Kitchen has high ceiling with tall, white cabinets which I like. I will replace the 80’s chunky, light gray porcelain handles with stainless steel bar pulls (I like a modern look). Walls are light gray with chair rail. trim is a bit darker (like regular gray) and floor is…